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Impact of the EU Entry Exit System (EES) on Immigration Checkpoints

A small project with results of widespread importance! According to EU regulations, EES should be implemented by 2021 within EU countries for Non-EU nationals to travel in and out of the Schengen area. This includes digital registration of travelers at immigration with biometric information, travel documents, etc. by using specific EES kiosks which have to be placed in front of border control desks.

Our simulation carried out for Hamburg Airport suggests that total process and waiting times for Non-EU nationals as well as space requirements will significantly increase. Since the needed additional space is not always available, a large number of Airports in the EU will face severe bottlenecks at immigration with the introduction of EES! Solutions such as online registration need to be further examined in close coordination with national border authorities and legislators.

Torsten Hentschel is “theme leader for Passenger Experience” within ACI committee

As part of our continuous commitment for the Passenger Experience our MD Torsten Hentschel has been named “Theme Leader Passenger Experience” for the ACI EUROPE Committee for Facilitation and Customer Services. This gives us the chance to work in close cooperation with European airports on recommendations and best practices to bring forward the latest trends on passenger service improvements. We also play an active role in the newly established ACI Task Force on Baggage Handling which works on a vision to develop baggage services over the next 5 years and beyond in order to enhance the passenger experience.