TH Airport Consulting offers consulting services for planning and optimization of airports with a focus on Terminal Planning, Airport Processes as well as the management of complex airport projects.

Important objectives of our consulting services are to enhance the passenger experience as well as operational efficiency at airports. By using a holistic approach which incorporates the requirements of internal and external stakeholders, we contribute to the success of our clients.

Passenger Experience


The Passenger Experience has recently become one of the main factors for airports to make a difference in a competing environment. Passengers need to be better informed, want a more personalized experience and will be more empowered during their journey. TH Airport Consulting, also a member of the ACI EUROPE Taskforce on the Passenger Experience, helps airports in placing the passenger in the heart of their business.

Our Services for Passenger Experience include: 

  • Development of an Airport Strategy to enhance the Passenger Experience
  • Passenger Experience Assessments and development of tailor-made Initiatives
  • Application of a systematic methodology by using the 3P Approach to enhance the passenger experience for Premises, Processes and People at the same time
  • Support on usage and implementation of the ACI EUROPE “Guidelines for Passenger Services at European Airports” as well as the "Guidelines for a Healthy Passenger Experience"
  • Development of Strategic Objectives and KPI-Systems for measurement and continuous improvement of the Passenger Experience 
  • Enhancing the Passenger Experience for specific target groups such as Elderly Travellers and passengers of the Low-Cost segment
  • Initiatives towards a "Green Passenger Journey"

Terminal Planning

mumbai airport

For terminal and master planning we apply our expertise on airport functions, operations and the passenger experience to develop innovative concepts and flexible layouts. We provide concepts for new airports and expansions to meet the future demand and to optimize your existing facilities to increase capacity and to comply with changing expectations and requirements.

Our Services for Terminal and Master Planning include: 

  • Determination of planning parameters and flight schedules
  • Airport capacity assessment and analysis through simulation
  • Master planning and phasing in accordance to demand
  • Conceptual and functional design of airport facilities
  • Airport of the future concepts
  • Layout and capacity planning of specific airport functions and spaces
  • Planning of terminal equipment and systems
  • Critical design review and analyses
  • Evaluation of options based on KPIs
  • Technology assessment
  • Sustainable airport development
  • Planning of multimodal facilities (railway stations, parking lots etc.) and airport access

Processes & Security

Hamburg Airport

Digitalization, competition, security concerns, regulation, as well as changing passenger expectations shape the business environment of today’s airports and likewise form the basis for their operations. We develop airport strategies and operating models to enhance your security, operations and the passenger experience at the same time.

 Our Services for Airport Processes & Security include:

  • Planning and optimization of operational and passenger processes
  • Process and layout reconfiguration to implement sanitary measures, health screening and testing
  • Process analyses of airport functions
  • Optimization of the passenger flow throughout an airport
  • Development of operating models to improve operational efficiency and the passenger experience
  • Landside security assessment and measures with a min. impact on operations and passenger experience
  • Development of security concepts
  • Analyses and assessment of security processes
  • Optimization and design of security checkpoints and border control
  • Baggage handling concepts
  • Improvement of operational efficiency through KPIs and SLAs
  • Preparation of operational concepts and manuals

Aviation Management & ORAT

Brussels Airport

TH Airport Consulting provides coordination for airport projects by involving all internal and external stakeholders such as airlines, handling agents, service providers and authorities. Together with our partners we are able to manage airport projects of all sizes.

Our Services for Aviation Management include:

  • Requirements management during all project phases from concept design until final acceptance
  • Definition & coordination of functional and space requirements for terminal facilities with involved stakeholders of the airport
  • Preparation of detailed requirement programs as a basis for the architectural design and construction
  • Critical design reviews and analyses
  • Phasing concepts to ensure ongoing operations during construction
  • Project management for airport development projects
  • ORAT and start-up coordination
  • ORAT services on compliance & certification, training, processes & manuals, trials operations, testing & commissioning