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Hamburg Airport inaugurated new A380 GateHamburg Airport_Emirates_A380

On 29.10.2018, Hamburg Airports‘ A380 gate with three boarding bridges has welcomed the first Emirates A380 (see press release). We are delighted to witness this milestone at Hamburg Airport and to be part of it. Since the beginning TH Airport Consulting has contributed to the project with consulting services such as functional and detailed layout design, capacity assessment, project coordination, etc.

Digital Identity Management to enhance the Passenger Experience

To follow the vision of a seamless, secure and efficient walking pace journey, TH Airport Consulting sponsors and supervises a research study on Digital Identity Management (DIM). Our master candidate Nils Brüggemann from the Institute of Transport Science, RWTH Aachen University is currently working on a thesis on „Digital Identity Management to enhance the Passenger Experience at Future Airports“. Through expert interviews and terminal simulation of future processes, the thesis will result in recommendations on how DIM should be implemented to enhance the Passenger Experience.