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The 2nd Edition of „Guidelines for Passenger Services at European Airports" Guidelines for Passenger Services at European Airports

ACI EUROPE has released the 2nd edition of the „Guidelines for Passenger Services at European Airports“! We are delighted to see that Passenger Experience is playing a more and more important roll in the aviation industry.

TH Airport Consulting contributed significant portions to the Guidelines which provide a methodology to enhance the Passenger Experience in a comprehensive and systematic way. Since its first release in 2014 we have been involved in the further development and update of the Guidelines. Torsten Hentschel, our Managing Director, has been the rapporteur (spokesman) of the ACI "Taskforce on the Passenger Experience”.

Through years of research, implementation and improvement, TH Airport Consulting has become a pioneer in Passenger Experience. By applying the “3P approach” and aiming at various target groups we provide tailor-made solutions to enhance your airport.

We have movedBuilding

In February TH Airport Consulting has moved to a new office location in a beautiful region of the northern part of Hamburg. The office building is of typical red brick style near City Park. Besides the pleasant neighbourhood, our office is also conveniently accessible by public transport within 10 minutes from Hamburg Airport.

New member in our team

In February we welcomed our new team member Chenye Yu. With a master’s degree in Traffic and Transport from TU Darmstadt as well as first experience in airport master planning, she brightens our team with her young but creative competence.