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TH Airport Consulting combines practical experience in operation, planning, construction and start-up of airport terminals with scientific approaches for analysis and optimization of airport processes. Through our detailed knowledge of the airport functions as well as the specific requirements of the customers and operators of airports we can offer the best consulting services to our clients.

Today, TH Airport Consulting is a well-known international consultancy for airports. We are proud to be part of the fascinating aviation industry, supplying airports with creative ideas and profound knowledge for their daily and long-term airport business. It is our mission to partner with our clients, provide service excellence and build sustainable and trustworthy relationships.

Our research in cooperation with airports and universities on "Airports of the Future" and the "Passenger Experience" enables us to incorporate the most modern concepts and ideas to enhance your airport.

We are constantly working to retain our state as one of the most competent and acknowledged consultancies in the international airport business recognized by our clients for the benefits we deliver.

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Torsten Hentschel

Managing Director

Torsten Hentschel

Torsten Hentschel has been working in leading positions at airport operators and consultancies and can look back on 22 years of international airport experience. His specialties include terminal planning, security and operations processes as well as the passenger experience and he has led or participated in more than 50 airport consulting projects worldwide..

Torsten is a permanent member of the ACI Europe Committee for Facilitation and Customer Services as well as the ACI Africa Committee for Security and Facilitation and frequently presents on the latest topics relevant to the airport business. As the Rapporteur of the ACI EUROPE Taskforce on the Passenger Experience he is one of the contributors to the widely acknowledged “Guidelines for Passenger Services at European Airports”. For this engagement Torsten has been rewarded with the prestigious ACI EUROPE World Business Partner Award in 2015. 

Before founding TH Airport Consulting, Torsten was the Head of Terminal Planning and Airport Processes at an international airport consultancy and until the year 2000 Head of Building Construction and Planning at Leipzig International Airport.

Recent airport projects include:

  • Hamburg: Terminal Development and Capacity Planning as well as Modification of the existing Passenger Infrastructure
  • Frankfurt: Terminal 2 Re-Configuration Study
  • Riyadh: Development of a Strategy and Initiatives to enhance the Passenger Experience
  • Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden: Expansion and Optimization of the Security Checkpoint 

Thorsten Nicolaus

Sr. Airport Consultant

Thorsten Nicolaus

Thorsten Nicolaus has been working as an expert for renowned airport consultancies in senior positions for 30 years at 20+ airports. He has joined our team in 2010 and since then contributed his valuable ideas on a strategic as well as analytical level to the success of our projects. 

His specialties include airport capacity planning and analysis, evaluation of options based on strategic objectives and KPIs, definition and management of terminal requirements as well as the planning of specific airport systems such as APM (automated people movers) and BHS (baggage handling systems).

Recent airport projects include:

  • Frankfurt: Requirements Management and Design Review for the new Terminal 3
  • Hamburg: Terminal Development and Capacity Planning
  • Riyadh: Development of a Strategy and Initiatives to enhance the Passenger Experience

Martin Neuser

Airport Consultant

Thorsten Nicolaus

Martin Neuser has joined TH Airport Consulting in 2017 as an Airport Consultant. Since then he has supported our team on different airport projects regarding the passenger experience and increased landside security requirements as well as marketing efforts. He holds a degree in aviation management and is currently a master student in management at the Kühne Logistics University (KLU) 

Martin has more than 3 years’ experience in the aviation industry. Previously he worked at Lufthansa Passage AG (Pricing & Revenue Management) and M2P Consulting GmbH (Aviation Management Consulting). He is currently engaged in the preparation of his Master Thesis as a joint academic research project between TH Airport Consulting and KLU. Likewise, Martin addresses a research study on “Maintaining the Passenger Experience at Airports under Increased Landside Security Requirements”.


Mark Longrée

Associate Partner

Mark Longree

Mark Longrée is a highly knowledgeable architect specialised in the field of Aviation & Transportation planning and architecture. He has 15 years experience in Project Development and Project Management for both the design of new terminals and the redesign of existing terminal infrastructure. His experience encompasses a large amount of high profile projects around the world where he demonstrated the ability to lead large project teams and to coordinate multiple architecture and engineering disciplines.

Mark is the Managing Director of our partner company IMPaC Architects | Engineers and frequently joins forces with us.

Recent airport projects include:

  • Frankfurt: Terminal 2 Re-Configuration study
  • Nice & Lyon: Investment advice on capacity, expansion and CAPEX
  • Mumbai: Conceptual Design of 3 Airport Metro Stations
  • Lagos: Master Planning and Architectural Design of a MRO Hangar & VIP Terminal



International Engagement

We are World Business Partners with ACI EUROPE as well as ACI Africa and are active members of the ACI EUROPE "Committee for Facilitation and Customer Services" and the "Taskforce on the Passenger Experience". Through these memberships, we have developed an excellent network in the airport industry and stay always on top of the latest trends and developments.

TH Airport Consulting contributed to the development of the ACI EUROPE "Guidelines for Passenger Services at European Airports" which provides a methodology to enhance the Passenger Experience in a comprehensive and systematic way. Since its first release in 2014 we have been involved in the further development and update of the Guidelines.

On a regular basis Torsten Hentschel presents on recent topics regarding the airport business and in particular the Passenger Experience at international meetings and conferences.

ACI EUROPE rewarded Torsten Hentschel, Managing Director of TH Airport Consulting, with the “World Business Partner Award – 2015” for his outstanding contribution to the ACI EUROPE Facilitation & Customer Services Committee as well as the “Guidelines for Passenger Services at European Airports”.

Our Network

To guarantee always the best consulting services for various airport projects of all sizes, we join forces with experienced airport experts and consultancies.


IMPaC Architects | EngineersImpac

We frequently partner with our colleagues from IMPaC Architects | Engineers on terminal and master planning projects.


Logo InfraconsultLogo Infraconsult

We benefit from the expertise of Logo Infraconsult on project and start-up coordination as well as airport logistics.


PassePartout Training Ltd.

Passe PartourSince 2015 TH Airport Consulting cooperates with PassePartout Training Ltd. for providing services to enhance the Passenger Experience for elderly travellers at airports.

"Together we make airports more enjoyable for elderly travellers and help airports to generate more revenue in the future", Torsten Hentschel & Willem Godefroy